Mercury Man Contortion

April 15, 2011

Taras The Mercury Man on Ukraine's Got Talent, Season 1.
Another amazing contortion act was presented by Taras Nadtochii aka The Mercury Man. This is really amazing how this contortionist squeezes his extremely flexible body through that triangle (watch the video below). This guy must be made of rubber.

Mercury Man, male contortionist on Ukraine's Got Talent
This guy must be made of rubber.

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Contortionist Girl and Her Spider Walk


Contortionist Girl and Her Spider Walk

April 12, 2011

Christina Pisklyukova on Ukraine's Got Talent, Season 1.
The girl is extremely flexible. Look how she does the merry little spider walk in the first video. Isn't it cute? Its cool what this female contortionist can do with her body. Just thinking about it makes my back hurt.

female contortionist, flexible girl on Ukraine's Got Talent
This girl is really flexible


Dangerous Bike Tricks

April 7, 2011

Brothers Vitaliy and Roman on Ukraine's Got Talent, Season 1.
These brothers showed the crowd some extremely dangerous bicycle tricks. Especially those stunts were risky for the brother who was lying on the floor while another brother was jumping on the bike with tires being inches close to his brother's face and... other important parts of his body.

dangerous and risky bike rider, bicycle tricks
Don't try such bike tricks on your brother


Awesome Hand to Hand Acribatics by ArtVan Duo

April 6, 2011

Duo ArtVan on Ukraine's Got Talent, Season 1.
The duo of acrobats called ArtVan showed an unbelievable hand balancing act on Ukraine's Got Talent. Amazing acrobatics!!!
hand to hand acrobats by ArtVan Duo. Ukraine got talent show
ArtVan - the duo of talented hand to hand acrobats


Female Impersonator Singing in Opera Voice

Artyom Semyonov on Ukraine's Got Talent, Season 1.
You may or may not like the appearance of this guy but what you cannot deny is that the guy has got talent. His powerful opera singing amazed the judges as they did not expect such an awesome performance from such a strange looking person.

Artyom Semyonov - female impersonator with opera voice on Ukraine's Got Talent
Artyom Semyonov has an outstanding opera voice

Audition Round. Figlio Perduto.


The Judges

April 5, 2011

All “Ukraine’s Got Talent” auditions as well as semi-finals and finals have been judged by the same three persons so far including Slava Frolova (TV presenter, director, visual artist and owner of ARBUZ Creative Agency), Igor Kondratyuk (popular Ukrainian showmaker and television presenter, co-author, and producer; Igor is also a scientist), Vlad Yama (a Ukrainian dancer who became popular after being the runner up in the Ukrainian version of the “Dancing with Stars” show).

Judges of the Ukrainian "Got Talent" Show

judges of Ukraine 's Got Talent
Jury of Ukraine's Got Talent


Oksana Marchenko – the Hostess of Ukraine's Got Talent

As of the day of writing this post Ukrainians watch the third season of the “Ukraine’s Got Talent” show. The hostess of all seasons is beautiful Oksana Marchenko. She graduated from a Teachers' Training University (history department). However after she had won an amateur television presenters contest during her student years, she began her career on television to appear on several popular TV channels and to become a very popular female television presenter in Ukraine.

In TV shows hosted by her Oksana presents herself as a very kind, charming, encouraging and sympathetic person. She is a very emotional woman who loves to hug and cheer up people. Oksana Marchenko embodies all the best features of a Ukrainian and that is probably the reason why she is so much loved by Ukrainian audience.

Pictures of Oksana Marchenko

Hostess of Ukraine's Got Talent Oksana Marchenko
Oksana Marchenko - the hostess of "Ukraine's Got Talent"


About the Blog

April 4, 2011

Being a Ukrainian, I am pleased to know that my country is rich with talented people. It’s pity that a lot of talented people of Ukrainian origin are not widely known in the world or thought to be Russians due to associating Ukraine with Russia as Ukraine used to be a part of the Russian Empire and then USSR. However there have been quite a few Ukrainian people whose talent, knowledge and skills left a noticeable mark in world’s science, art, medicine etc. The list of talented people of Ukrainian origin ranges from Mykola Leontovych who composed one of the world’s most popular Christmas song – Carol of the Bells – to the designer of the first effective space rocket Sergey Korolyov and Igor Sikorsky – inventor of the first viable American helicopter which rotor design is used by most today’s helicopters (click here to learn more about famous Ukrainians).

The “Ukraine’s Got Talent” (Ukraina maye Talant) show debuted on 3 April 2009 on STB television channel. Although the performers featured in the “Ukraine’s Got Talent” series are amateurs and far from being in the same league as the talents mentioned by me in the opening paragraph, I feel quite pleased to watch amazing acts performed by talented people from Ukraine as well as some of those who came to Ukraine from other former Soviet republics to show their talents and find their opportunities in this country.

In this blog I going to collect the best performances form the “Ukraine’s Got Talent” episodes. Those will be acts which I personally love and which passed the auditions in large Ukrainian cities. I hope you will enjoy this blog.

Ukraine’s Got Talent is one of my favorite TV shows


"Ukraine 's Got Talent" is on STB TV Channel (

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